Valorant Multi-PC 1 Month

$ 95,00

Slots Filled: 14/15

The strongest external aimbot on the market and the safest valorant cheat available, detection is not possible. DC Wired is a hardware based cheat that works with ANY computer with a USB port and supports both AMD and Intel based systems with AMD or NVIDIA based cards. You will run NO software on the PC running the game and a custom written, fully signed mouse driver that is indistinguishable from a standard mouse.

Cheat Info:

  • Aimbot (Bone priority, speed, stickiness, flick, toggle or on-key, triggerbot, FOV limit, ADS sens)
  • RCS
  • Nothing running on gaming PC. Undetectable.
  • Profiles, switch with hotkeys, via web site, or mobile app (coming soon)


  • Two PCS:
    • 1 to play Valorant on. Min specs win 7, 4GB RAM, mid-tier Intel i3+ (or equivalent.)
    • 1 to run our tool. win 10/11 & req GTX1660/RTX590 or better
  • Capture card capable of 1080p & 60+fps
    • Most AverMedia, EVGA, NZXT, etc. will suffice
  • Two Arduino’s with USB connections
    • Any combination of Leonardo and UNO will work (2x of either or 1x of each)
    • Male to male jumper wires for arduino (4x)