Frequently Asked Questions

What specs are required?

Software: Windows 10/11, any PC that can run the game you’re cheating in.

 Hardware Cheats: Arduino Leonardo or Raspberry pi + gaming PC

2-PC: 2x Arduino (UNO or Leonardo), 4x Male-to-male jumper, 60+ FPS Capture card, 2x PCS (1x win 10/11 & GTX1660/RTX590 or better, 1x capable of running valorant)

when was your last detection?

Following a small ban wave in 2020 while we were a small slotted community, we completely redesigned our entire cheat and haven’t had a single detection since.

where can i get an invite code?

Customers receive an invite code to share with a friend or sell on a secondary market every 6 months subscribed. Alternatively, we open *some* cheats to the public for purchasing for short periods now and then, so keep checking back.

how can i activate my invite code?

Your sign-up link is automatically sent to your email along with your invite code, if you lost the email ask your referrer to re-send it via the invite section in the control panel. 


Yes, if you previously used other providers and have been banned, we can optionally add a HWID spoofer to your cheat build. Please let us know on discord! We don’t recommend spoofing unless you’re already hardware banned – we’re safe (promise).

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Feel free to contact us.