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We make the highest quality cheats so you can dominate the competition, and we’re the only viable option if you’re a streamer or high level competitor.

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How safe are your cheats?

VERY. With most cheats you spend hours fine-tuning settings to try and avoid reports, only to get caught in a ban-wave days or weeks later because of copy-pasted garbage that gets detected nonstop. We offer fully custom-coded, premium cheats and haven’t had a confirmed detection since fully rebuilding our cheats from the ground up in 2020.

Why are you so expensive?

You’re paying for peace of mind, if you want to ragecheat for a quick laugh and go through 10 bans in a week we’re not the cheat for you. If you want to push from being a top 20% player to a top 1%, stream without ever being called out, or compete online without raising an eyebrow we’re worth every cent. We have many customers that’d surprise you, from front page streamers to A and B league players.

How can I get an invite code?

Customers receive an invite code to share with a friend or sell on a secondary market every 6 months subscribed. Alternatively, we open *some* cheats to the public for purchasing for short periods now and then, so keep checking back.


valorant hardware now available to purchase.

Limited availability.

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